Cadbury Schweppes Plc is the world's largest food manufacturing and sales company, one of the earliest established in 1783, it more than 220 years ago. Products covered cakes, candy, chocolate, wine; soft drinks and so on, the supply of wholesale and retail customers throughout 200 countries and worldwide. Large number of its brands, including Seven-Up (7 UP), Schweppes, Canada Dry, A & W, Snapple, Hawaiian Punch, Cadbury, Bassett, etc. Cadbury Schweppes Plc for its huge diversity of product marketing and the popularity of the financial statements in 2003 are still in excess of market expectations. General revenues in 2004 can still be expected to see growth of 5 ~ 7%, operating profit increased by 0.5 ~ 0.75%. In this coursework, I am going to find how does Cadbury can maintain its market share, this include market share?? The percentage of an industry or market's total sales that is earned by a particular company over a specified time period; adding value?? The enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers and the marketing mix?? Combination of marketing elements used in the sale of a particular product. The marketing elements center around four distinct functions, sometimes called the Four Ps: product, price, place (of distribution), and promotion.
I will collect the relevant information from the Cadbury??s PowerPoint presentation, and drop down some notes through the presentation. I might use primary data and secondary data to answer my questions. Moreover, I also might used Cadbury??s customer service, marketing, marketing research, their values, their fair trade, price, place, promotion, confectionery segmentation and their ideas for new product come from etc, those information can help me answer the question.
In my findings, Cadbury was received the first overseas order from the Cadbury representative in Australia in 1881, and now have factories all around the world: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Japan and several countries in Africa, and a franchise arrangement with Hershey in the USA. Recent developments included the acquisition of Stani in Argentina and new factories in Peking, China and Wroclaw, Poland. Many other countries receive their Cadbury chocolates straight from Bournville and Somerdale. Although the factories are all over the world and some of the products are unique to their own corner of the global, they still need to ensure the high standards of quality and taste by the company are maintained. This detail have shown that Cadbury has considered their performance, quality, high- expectation on every different products, try to provide the best service to the customer and their responsibility to the customers.
Cadbury??s market research had included customers, markets, supplies, competitors, external factors and trends. They used these researches to build market share, to target more effectively, to identify new opportunities and to anticipate changing needs. Their price need to cover costs of production and archive a fair profit, a price range of similar goods on the market and consumer concept of value. Also, Cadbury??s place has considered the distribution chain, correct facilities, the presence marketing and the place where products are displayed in retail outlet. Promotion is very important to most of the companies, Cadbury had used 6.2 million pounds of promotion, and this includes public relations, direct marketing, sponsorship and sampling. In 31st August, 2007, the firm used gorilla to advertise how powerful of the Cadbury??s Dairy Milk chocolate are, so the customers would have a deep impression of this promotion. Cadbury needs to have some new ideas everyday, so that they can have the competition with other firms, but where the ideas for new product come from? The answer is that their ideas for new products are mostly come from market analysis; technological advances, research and development, and the products need to be market in a more sophisticated way.

This is the research of showing how quick of the customer will make the decision to buy the Cadbury??s chocolate.

0-10 Sec 30%
11-20 Sec 24%
21-30 Sec 14%
30 or more sec 31%

Cadbury is the world's top four candy companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland can sell 300 million the milk chocolate bars a year. They seem to have a planned to the future trends, and slowly transformed into a high ethical standard of business, previously acquired fair trade organic chocolate brand Green & Black, also with the production of farm milk to improve the diet of dairy milk to reduce the carbon footprint. Cadbury's cocoa beans are