Research Paper
Homophobia and its Sexual Orientation
Homophobia this is a strong word with a wide spread of its meaning. Homophobia is hostility towards or fear of gay people, but can refer to social ideologies, which stigmatizes homosexuality. Homophobic behavior and is the root of the discrimination experienced by many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Homophobia manifests itself in different forms, for example homophobic jokes, physical attacks, discrimination in the workplace and media. Homophobia is widespread in America, far more widespread than most heterosexuals realize, and it is far more subtle, too. The discrimination it inspires touches the lives of many Americans, not just gay Americans, but all Americans. And America pays a very dear price for it, as we shall see. The society around us acts like Homosexuality is a plaque. When it is just a scene of life for many.
Homophobia discriminates so many homosexuals in many forms in their daily lives. At times homophobic beliefs lead people toward prejudiced actions at work, at schools, at clubs and in many other areas as well. Prejudiced views directed at homosexuals often stem from the perception that homosexual activity is immoral. Homophobia makes some people think that they are superior to homosexuals. In fact, studies show that anti-gay bias is far more accepted among large numbers of Americans than is bias against other minorities.
We see so many things on the news about hate crimes, but never thought it would come to this. The hate crimes on Homosexuals are out raggious. All because people are homophobic. Two News reports I will discuss in regards to my outside sources. In Latin America, there is a large spread of stigmatization. Statistics show that in Latin America a gay man was killed every two days. So that is roughly 182 gays died a year due to hate crime because of their sexuality. The legislations have begun to implement protections for gays, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. In Brazil alone there was 2,509 gay men murdered between 1997-2007. This opened the eyes of the Latin American Legistration. 80 countries around the world maintain laws, which make homosexuality illegal. In Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen, as well as parts of Nigeria and Somalia, homosexual acts are punishable by death. Two men were executed in Iran for alleged homosexual activity in 2005, and the execution of another man in 2007 sparked international outcry. President Ahmadinejad demonstrated the Iranian government?s attitude towards homosexuality in a 2007 speech in the US, when he claimed, "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals?. Even though Homosexuality is legal in some places, doesn?t mean that there is no homophobia or discrimination to those with homosexual preferences. The Southern states of America are much less tolerant of homosexuality than areas where there is a strong and established gay scene, for example San Francisco in California. To me Homosexuality has never been an issue. Since I have been born and raised in California, and have seen it my whole life. Not saying I have been blind to the stereotype life that we are supposed to live, or that there has never been hate crimes against homosexuals. Because of people being homophobic, yes it has a lot to do with my personal life. I have a best friend and my aunt is homosexual. And I have seen and heard what they have been through. It crushes my heart to hear them say the things like they have been ridiculed, beaten or even lost work because of their sexual nature. I know it is nothing compared to what other countries go through, but it close to home with me and I hurt for them. I can only imagine how they truly feel deep down.
My Aunt Kim said, ? while working in the fire station in southern California she dealt with so much verbal abuse and being mistreated. She said she didn?t think it was right to be treated as a minority. Especially when they all were there for a reason. To save life?s not harm them.? She never asked for special treatment in her profession. Because of her being a woman fire fighter was tough enough. Now with her being homosexual it just made it that much harder. She was a fire fighter for about 10 years and then finally got out of it and worked a few other jobs and was discriminated for her sexual preferences there