History 151
Bill of Rights Assignment

Denial of Rights in Pre-Revolutionary America
The Original Articles of Confederation that served as the governing document of the newly freed states eventually proved to be ineffective in meeting the young country's domestic and foreign policy needs, and a new, strong form of central government was proposed. However, the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787 was not an easy process. Americans were suspicious of a creating a strong national government after having their rights curtailed under British rule. In the ensuing ratification struggle, supporters of ratification wishing to assuage the fears and protests of the opposition, pledged to draft and ratify a set of ten amendments designed to ensure the protection of individual rights. The result, of course, was the Bill of Rights.

Review the specific actions of the British Parliament from 1763-1775 that the colonists viewed as denials of their rights. Cite five specific examples of provisions from the Bill of Rights that can be linked to the actions.

Example One
British Act- Name and provision
Constitutional Amendment number and specific reference.
Two to three sentence development of the concept.
Example Two