History 151 Chapter 18
Key concepts: Implications of the establishment of the Chesapeake and New England regions regarding the concepts: distant authority, c hurch/ s tate r elations , f oundations of American Democracy , a pproaches to e conomic issues and the foundation for slavery.
This chapter proves several examples of the origins of several concepts in the early 1600s that have lasting significance in contemporary society. Develop an answer for any three of the following in a concise but meaningful paragraph.
Distant Authority: There is broad disagreement in contemporary society over the appropriate role for centralized verses local government solutions to problems. How does Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia illustrate this conflict?

Church and State: To what extent were the religious beliefs prevalent in the Massachusetts Bay colony consistent with contemporary positions on the relationship between church and state?

Political Thought: Analyze John Winthrop's "Model of Christian Charity" and its impact upon American political thought.

Origins of Democracy: To what extent did the New England town meetings and the Virginia House of Burgesses influence contemporary democracy in America?

Origins of Slavery: What factors caused widespread slavery to flourish in the south but not the north?