Guantanamo Bay

Who likes torture? Who likes torture of innocents and criminals? Well by criminals, I mean suspected criminals, most never received a trial, meaning the phrase innocent until proven guilty is completely ignored by the government. This is just some of the reasons why Guantanamo Bay Prison needs to be shut down. This prison's argument for most of their procedures is that they are doing these awful things to terrorists, which in most cases is false, because they claim all of their prisoners are high target personal, claiming this allows them to torture their prisoners, but the real name for most of their prisoners is prisoners of war. They call them detainees, making other countries unable to stop their methods. But how does anyone know sure that the men held indefinitely without trials in Cuba (by the American government). Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" People will say this doesn't apply to anyone but American citizens, but are we the only people to have Human rights. A right to trial is a basic human right, and denying it is immoral in every country. Isn't this why we we had a revolution in 1776? To achieve all of basic human rights, like a fair trial. Aren't these rights granted by God and our government has no power to deny anyone, even suspected terrorists, their rights. Would it be opened if it was called what it is, a concentration camp. Being tortured to death is not the right way to go, even for "suspected" terrorists. Stephen Bowen, Amnesty International UK's campaigns director, said Guantanamo was "unreformable". "After four years Guantanamo has become a byword for abuse and an indictment for the US government's failure to uphold human rights in the ‘War on Terror'. The US authorities should immediately close down the camp and either release prisoners or bring them before proper courts on the US mainland." This Guantanamo Bay is against the the US's own bill of rights, denying amendment 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. It also ignores The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which we helped write, and ignores Article 11, Article 10, Article 9, Article 7, and Article 5. Remember we helped write this. We then ignore the Geneva Convention, and again ignored 1, 3, and 4 which talks about the capturing of soldiers and their treatment. The funny thing is that we have no proven statistics that this place has prevented any terrorist attacks because the US government neither gave us proof nor gave us the information the detainees stated. Everything the government gives us must be taken with a grain of salt. We received most of it from the Red Cross, who got it from past detainees. And the US government tries to keep most of these people quiet with lawyers to keep what they do out of the public.

Counter Argument
I haven't even started to talk about their torture methods. These include Rectal Feeding(Which was claimed by the U.S. government to be a way to feed prisoners on strike, but doctors proved it did no such thing and was purely a torture method) and Rehydration, Confinement in a Box, The use cold water, waterboarding, beating and threats, Stress positions, Sleep Deprivation, Forced Nudity and restricted diets. Do these sound ethical. These torture techniques are illegal by the US bill of rights( That's why they put it in Cuba), Geneva Convention ( Which we signed the first part not the added bits ) which talks about PoW, and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( WHICH WE HELPED WRITE and claimed it affected all people in the world), denying all of these is, strange and for them stating that it stopped terrorist attacks but didn't back it up with any information, nor detainees quotes. This is outrageous and unfair for these suspected terrorist because they were never tried in court, nor received in form of trial. Another thing is that the cost is crazy to which is 150 MILLION a year per detainee. There is a know 91 detainees in the prison and this cost is outrageous. The common inmate only cost 25 thousand a year.

"Suspected", not proven by trial nor any evidence given to the