ED 730 PO-1

1. Graphic Organizer: Script, Story Line

Content Field: Elementary Language Arts/ Computer

Description: Comic Strips

Exam several comic strips with the class. Students are then to brainstorm their own comic strip. Plan out the strip by writing a script. Have the students use a program like Kid Pix to prepare their final project. The strip can be stationary. They can add animation, voices, etc.. Whatever they want to create within the bounds of this project.


1. Sally wakes up on the first day of school
2. She screams, “School starts today!”
3. She is seen waiting at the bus stop with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
4. Charlie Brown tells Snoopy that he can’t go to school because he is a dog.
5. Sally says, “Woof”

Story Line

Results: The students worked very hard but had a hard time with the story lines. They did a good job on the graphics. The lesson took them about 8 weeks to complete. I had them use Kid Pix and do it as a comic strip slide show. This worked pretty well. They had trouble importing sounds. The kids that used photo CD’s had trouble saving all their work to a diskette. I found out that the kids had to have all their pictures and their slide show saved in the place for it to run. I had them work in partners. This helped some of the students who were having trouble being creative. I got several good shows, a couple shows that were minimally acceptable and three that were just bad. One group did theirs as a ghost story even though I specifically said no ghosts, demons, ghouls, goblins, scary creatures, etc. I was disappointed in them. I tried to print one show that I was particularly pleased with. See attached copy.

Evaluation: I would do this activity again but next time I would try to encourage them to complete it faster. It would have been nice if the classroom teacher had given them time to design the story line in class but this was not the case this year.

2. Graphic Organizer: Script, Story Line

Content Field: Middle School Computer Class – Interactive Multimedia Presentation

Description: What I Did Last Summer

Have the students script out a report on paper about their summer. Entitle the reports, “What I Did Last Summer.” Use Kid Pix to turn this into a multimedia report. Encourage the students to 1) be short, 2) be exciting, 3) Make it Interactive – chose your own adventure story, 4) add sound effects, 5)scan in some photos and/or souvenirs

Title: What I Did Last Summer

See an example on the next page.

Results: The sixth grade did a great job with this assignment. They loved working on it. I was disappointed that we have not yet gotten a scanner and so the kids could not scan in photos. Some kids had trouble scripting their slides. They did a good job with the graphics.

Evaluation: I would do this project again. Hopefully by next year we will have our scanner.

3. Graphic Organizer: Matrix

Content Field: 7th Grade Science/ Computer

Description: Classifications of specimens gathered during a scavenger hunt. Students will type these into a spreadsheet on the computer.

Specimen # Specimen Eco-System Kingdom Phylum Genus, Species Living or Nonliving

Results: The students did a nice job with this spread sheet. It was not a difficult assignment to teach or for the students to complete.

Evaluation: I will be doing this again next year with the seventh graders following their Coastal Georgia trip.

4. Graphic Organizer: Matrix

Content Field: Elementary Language Arts/ Computer

Description: Class Book

Activities and Procedures:
• Brainstorm categories of personal information, such as: What is our favorite hobby? What is my birth month?
• Enter the questions into a database and print a master form
• Have students write their personal information onto the master form
• Enter information into database
• Take class information and summarize it
• Make graphs of data for example: a pie graph of the birth months
• Take all information and make a class book

Hobby Birth Month Toothpaste Favorite Food Favorite Soda And whatever else the kids come up with



5. Strategy 1: Intelligences

Content Field: Elementary Language Arts/ Computer

Description: Writing a group story

Break the class into six groups of four students each. They are to write a story as a group. The first person sets the stage and begins the story. The next person picks up where the first person lets off. Editing can and