Gold and Silver in The Great Gatsby

Is it possible to have a corrupted American Dream? Can someone corrupt the American Dream with emotions or resources people have? Every American usually have an American Dream, no matter how big or small it is. Like Dasiy who was new money, her American Dream was to marry someone that she loved. New money Gatsby’s American Dream was to get rich and be with daisy. These dreams could be easily corrupted and if they were it could affect their social staus. Corruption of the American Dream could affect Old and New money’s social status which can be represented by gold and silver.In the story Old money people feel like they are on top of the world that their money and actions mean more than anything. They basicly had everything that they could have wanted, most of them ever since they were born. All this money built pride in themselves and with all that pride, and money which pretty much made them invincible and golden because they felt like they were better than new money. Even though they had all that and more they were bored of life old money people just had nothing to do because they have already done it all. In the story and how they felt so careless about life had nothing to do but golf and lounge around all day shows they have already achived the American dream.New money on the other hand are looked apond as silver because they didn’t have money for that long and it seemed that they didn’t have the physique to be like the other rich. New money are people who got rich in their lifetime possibly when they were not kids. There isn’t really a difference between the two except for time. New money people’s American Dream may have already be achieved but more specifically Gatsby’s American Dream hasn’t be completely made yet. His dream is still to live the rest of his life out with Daisy.People’s American Dream can be changed at any time when the person decodes to change it but in The Great Gatsby a few people’s dream was corrupted within East and West Egg. The person who dream was corrupted the most would be Daisy’s, her dream was corrupted from the beginning even before all the events took place with Nick. When Daisy and Gatsby saw each other for a while five years before daisy was married with Tom. “She had caught a cold, and it made her voice huskier and more charming than ever, and Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery that imprisons and preserves, of the freshness of many clothes,and of Daisy, gleaming like silver, safe and proud above the hot struggles of the poor” (Fitzgerald150). Even back then she went from gold to silver, she was gold at first because her parents were rich making her a golden child who somehow turned into a silver woman and thus that changed her American Dream to be with someone she loved. Gatsby corrupted her dream and that dream changed her social status.Daisy’s Dream was changed two more times throughout the book which possibly changed her social status twice more. From silver to gold when Gatsby left to go to war, she married Tom who was very rich and that made her yet again golden mainly because they were both rich from family. When she started to move towards Gatsby again she may have been turning silver again but that was quickly corrected when Tom stepped in and got daisy back for himself. Daisy’s American Dream seems to be non-existent again as she now has everything that she wants even though for a short time she wanted Gatsby who in the first place corrupted her American Dream and made her silver.Others like Tom had their American dream affected but weren’t really affected with their social life. For example in the beginning he was seeing another woman behind his wife’s back, drinking, and doing drugs. When Gatsby came into the picture and Tom got suspicious of him he went back to Daisy and convinced her to stay with him. He wanted to keep his golden marriage because he knew the other woman that he was