Filipinas detro de cien anos
( "The Philippines a century hence")

Filipinas detro de cien anos (lit. "The Philippines a century hence") is a socio-political essay written in four parts by Jose Rizal. It is one of the most significant political works of the Filipino Reform movement in Spain, Rizal tracing the circumstances that brought about the awakening of the Filipino and consequently the birth of the Filipino spirit of a nation. He underscores the need to establish a new kind of political relationship between Spain and the Philippines if the former does not wish a total break-up with the latter. Spain is being given a sort of ultimatum: reform or independence.
But more than a warning, the article is a sensible request of an affectionate son who sincerely wishes to avoid a bloody separation between Spain and the Philippines. He ends his article with a prediction on the possible political intervention of European or neighboring powers or even that of the United States of America should the Philippines declare itself independent from Spain. He dismisses that possibility, given the existence of other more enticing economic prospects. Due to his idealistic and over-trusting nature he fails to see through the greed and ambitions of the United States of America and Japan, who under the pretext of the Manifest Destiny and Co-Prosperity Sphere crushed the Philippines within a century, respectively in 1899 and in 1941.
The essay was written in 4 parts. It's focused on mainly on the political relationship between the Philippines and its mother country. Rizal suggested a better relationship between the two and stated that Spain be given two choices reform or independence. Rizal Ended his essay with a prediction that Spain will soon be overpowered by the American Republic. Within a decade after the essay came out the United States of America came to conquer the Philippines. Rizal analyzed the past to give relevance to the present ‘indolence' an envisioned the future in his essay "The Philippines: A Century Hence". The essay was near fact in political forecasting. A nation's history is a step in knowing why certain phenomenon happens in the present and is pretty much helpful in determining what a nation could be in the future. The insult were tolerated in silence. There was an increase i n taxes and such yet no signs of increase in rights and liberties