For economy, an important difference between Cuba and Colombia is unemployment rate. The unemployment rate measures the percentage of the total population that is both unemployed and has looked for work within the last four weeks. While the unemployment rate for Cuba is 1.70%, that of Colombia is 12%, a sizable difference of 10.30%. Unemployment rate is especially important to countries for business. One factor that goes into evaluating geography is natural beauty rating, which is important for ranking coolest countries. Many people find that natural beauty rating is a significant consideration, and the difference between Cuba at unknown stars and Colombia at unknown stars is currently not known. If geography is very important to you, too, consider a significant difference between Cuba and Colombia: region. Cuba features Central America, while Colombia features South America. When we compared these two countries, Cuba completely dominated, out-performing Colombia in economy. These countries are actually not all that different from one another

Mexicans are from Mayan or Aztec Indian decedents mixed with the Spaniards who colonized them in the 1400s as well as the African American Slaves that were brought to work for them. Mexicans have a very characteristic melody when speaking, and often pronounce the stress on the second last syllable in many words. More commonly described as speaking as if they are singing. Puerto Ricans are from Taino Indian descendants mixed with Spaniards who colonized them as well in the 1400s and again the African American Slaves. Puerto Ricans having a stronger African American background with a hint for French their Spanish is a bit more broken. For example the Spanish word for car "carro" Puerto Ricans don't roll their r like most Spanish speaking countries, most Puerto Ricans tend to pronounce the double r as the French would or a Spanish j, as for the single r they tend to replace it with an l. They also tend to not use the letter s as much; it usually varies, depending on the word and its placement in the sentence.