It has been said, ?Not everything that is learned is contained in books.? Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

We gain our knowledge about our lives and the world around us from two sources: from books and from experience. These two resources are both important; however, most of our knowledge is based on our participation in real world situations.

Of course, reading books form a wide range of our knowledge. We acquire many knowledge about law, politics, sociology, mathematics, and physics when we read. We could use other people?s information and experience that it is very difficult or impossible to do by ourselves such as journey to the space. In addition, with reading great stories of real people?s lives, we can get many experiences about how they solve their daily life problems, and how they use failure to achieve success in the future. These are valuable lessons an individual needs to learn in this lifetime.

Nevertheless, as the old proverb says, ?experience is the best teacher? .There are many types of knowledge that people can not obtain through reading books. Books don?t deal with such things as love and care feelings, tastes of foods, and music tones. In addition, there are many skills that we can learn from practice. It is useless reading a book to learn swimming, to drive a car, and to ride a bicycle. These skills should gain practical and we should do them by ourselves. Also, it is obvious that learning from practice is easier than learning from books.

In conclusion, both learning sources, books and experience, are important for us. But in my opinion knowledge from experience is more important. Experience is a practical way to find theoretical knowledge that gained from books is real or not. In addition, many important aspect of our personality such as our feelings and skills develop through experience.