Essay Namesake Reflection Manraj Nijjar

In this unit culminating task, I had to read an award-winning novel based on a woman who showcased her struggle in life. Ashima Ganguli born in Calcutta India, moved with her husband to New York. This Novel basically told how hard it can be for one to adapt to new society and country. I did my essay topic on Foreignism and supported this idea with 3 arguments. Based on the feedback, I could have done many things differently and could have achieved better. My basic punctuation, grammar was all off track and my grade was dreadful. It is the feedback that makes you improve not your mark. I could have revised my sentence structure better and reviewed my arguments and given better and in depth analysis. My mapping statement really needed improvement. It was so bad, the teacher just skipped the section. In my Essay, I had a lot of vague and confusing word choice. In the future for essay writing and such, I must clearly be able to separate the theme I am talking about. I need to be able to stick to my one theme and not try differentiating with something else. For the Namesake Essay, I chose tone and atmosphere but after the teacher's feedback, it was clear I didn't make anything clear throughout my essay. I must revise all the components of an essay and work to improve my points and give stronger evidence. It was stated I need a stronger topic sentence, so that is one thing I must improve. I believe if I chose better words, punctuate well, and make my points and arguments more precise then my work will be reflective.