SW 310
Brescia University
Lesley Adams

I have seen many acts of discrimination since I started working in the human services field. I work for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a part of my job responsibilities is to incorporate community connections. During an activity in the community, a person came up to me and said I dont know how you work with a person looking like that, Good Bless you because I wouldnt be able to do something like that. I was shocked and speechless, I thought, how can a person like you come to me and say something like that. I looked at the person and said, for your information this person has feelings and understands what you are saying and is beautiful inside and out. I was so furious. This fear of the disabled that society still has is not uncommon. More disabled individuals are a part of their community these days, which was not common back in the 60s. When I first started working with people with disabilities, I was scared I might hurt them, or they might hurt me. I eventually gain an utmost respect for individuals with disabilities. They fight everyday of theirs lives to be independent and complete everyday tasks such as hair combing, bathing, writing and reading. I do understand the fear because that was the way I was in my beginning stages of working with people with disabilities. Through education and hands on experience my fear turn into respect towards people with disabilities. I feel people would have a new point of view towards people with intellectual and developmental disabilities if they were educated about disabilities and they get to experience hands on assistance for the individual.