Debt in America

The reasons why people may fall into debt are, not planning for the future, the
desire for wealth instantly, premature speeding, and living above ones resources. These
problems are lethal but common amongst many people today. The decision of buying now and
paying later has really come to a head. The carelessness of over spending and not budgeting
has taken its toll. The just disrespect for a dollar, is why half the public today are dealing
with great financial hardships.

When it comes to one?s future, there should always be a plan. A well developed plan
that carries you from a beginning to an end successfully. From car issues to root canals there
is an unexpected expense, which normally requires immediate attention. These expenses can
range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars, and depending on one?s planning it could
really start a tail spin of trouble. Many have struggled with this issue, but being aware and just
realizing that things occur without warning can easily prevent them.

Everyone wants to be rich are wealthy by night fall, and the reality is it takes time
to accumulate any status. If it seems to be good to be to true normally it is. These get rich quick
ideas only lead to two things empty promises and wallets. Many have invested thousands to
only find themselves in deeper in dept. The best way to gain wealth is to work hard.

Premature speeding, everyone has been a victim to the plastic. It?s almost the
most common first step towards dept. Just before teens head to college, numerous companies
offer them store cards with reasonable balances but high interest rates. For
many this is their first experience with credit cards or paying a bill in a timely matter. With this
miseducation comes misusage, many charge even if they have the money at the time a
purchase. Creating a future bill that could easily end up being 25% to 40% more over time.

Last there is no reason why people shouldn?t live within their means.
So many times people have purchased the car of the dreams but can?t afford the
required insurance. Have gone on lavish vacations and can?t pay their bills once returning
home. If the funds aren?t available when needed that?s a good indicator that you have reached
your limits. There?s nothing wrong with wants, but when they?re affecting needs than its time

In conclusion there are many situations that can lead someone to fall behind in dept.
From expected to unexpected events the problem could lead to dept .Even the most fortunate
people have fallen victim to the grasp of this financial headache. Regardless of what the
problem maybe, it can always be resolved and maintained. With the right understanding and
some positive financing habits the burden could be history.