Continent is when we try to stop the spread of communism in the Cold War. It was between 2 country's which were the Americans and the soviet unions which is Russia today. They also tried to stop North Korea from spreading communism to South Korea and the USA tried to stop them and they did. The bad hung was that if it spread then they would be closer the western country's once they got the Eurosport countries turned into communism like east Germany and England in europe.

The first reason is how the Berlin blockade and the airlift contributied between Soviet Union and the americas. The thing that caused this was the iron curtain which was a line between east Germany and west Germany and east Germany had communism and the west had the capitalism economy like the USA. The blockade was the first major international crisis of the Cold War. It happened between the dates of June 1948 and may of 1949. The blockade was when the soviet blocked the ocean so they can't get supplies in. Then they decided to do the airlift which had a plane land ever 12 minutes with supplies since the soviets blocked the supplies land into west Germany.

The Koren war is when the USA tried to defend South Korea from North Korea. The Korean War started in 1950 and ended sometime in 1953. They joined the war because they wanted the stop of commiunism and North Korea tried to get to South Korea so they can be one country again. The Soviet Union gave some assistance to North Korea so they can spread communism faster and have more communism construes then there was at the time.

The Cuban missile crisis was between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. It all started when the Soviet Union put nukes in Cuba and they wer close to where we live at and the us didn't like where they put the nukes at. The USA contained Cuba so they know what the Soviet Union is doing since they could hit so many places in the usa. The so it's didn't listen at first since they think it is unfair that they couldn't be there since the USA has nukes close to them in some small country. The soviets finally listen the americas and removed and decommissioned the nukes and took them back to russia.
In conclusion I think we did contain communism as much as we did and i think we spent too much money on it. The reason for it was the first on was the Berlin blockade. The next reason I talked about was the koren war between North Korea and South Korea. The last reason I talked about was the closest nuke war was the Cuban missile crisis which was the conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union.