Breaking Up (256 words)

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Breaking Up

She cried, cried on my shoulder and asked me for a chance, a chance to be with her again. But her simple request was finally refused.

Before seeing her tears, I couldn't know how deeply she loved me. If her tears and her love to me is postively related, she loved me as a mother loves her only son. But why did she treat me as her friend, her helper, her listener, just sometimes her boyfriend?

The saying that we never care the things we now enjoy is true. When I loved her as deep as the sea is, she didn't care me much. Now when I am tired to her, she asked me for a chance to care me as much as she had never done. But it is too late.

Promises are nice, but hardly kept, and they should not be easily made, or disappointments are expected.

Her tears made me feel sorry and guilty, but nothing more than that. She wanted me to love her as I did before by her tears, but she failed.

It is fated that I and she should be friends only. But we didn't believe this fate, and now we have been tasting the consquence we should have, which left us unrecoverable wounds on my heart and hers. At this moment I don't ask my lord for anything, except a quick recovery for her.

Although her tears were out of her eyes one by one, dropping on my right shoulder, my decision was not melted.

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