Breaking my Foot
It was normal school day for me… until about 7:00 pm when I heard the crack, the pop, and felt the pain in my foot. That morning I woke up at 7:00 am. I got up and went to school like normal. Once I got home I sat down, relaxed, played on my phone and listened to music in peace. The smell of dinner filled the house and I was delighted because it smelled amazing. Once we finished eating I started doing the dishes and my brother came into the kitchen stood next to me at the sink and put some water in his hand, I could tell what he was going to do but I was to slow, the water was already splashing on to my face. He stood and laughed but it ended as I did the same to him, he got mad and started pushing me, so I pushed back. We started wrestling and little bit and was getting more and more physical, my dad yelled at us from the other room "if you are going to fight, go outside" because he hated when we fought inside. So we did, we walked outside shoving each other barefoot as I stepped on the grass I could feel all the individual blades go in between my toes, it was cold and wet. We started to push and wrestle and I snuck a I punch to the gut in and he didn't know it was coming until it hit. He took a step back to recover and started coming at me again, as he got close to me I took a step back and that's when it happened. Somehow I stepped back on it on the side of my foot and I heard a small crack and then a second later I could feel the pain seeping in. I told him that I was done and to stop because the pain started to grow greater. Walking inside was too hard but I was limping and once we got inside I could see that the side of my foot that I stepped of had turned a little purple. My parents debated whether or not to take me to me hospital but they decided that they should so my dad said that we had to go. We arrived at the hospital and I had to shuffle across parking lot without putting too much weight on my foot which was hard but I was able to do it. We got inside and didn't have to wait that long because by then it was pretty late. They took x-rays and we waited a little longer, after a bit a girl came in and said the words that neither of us wanted to hear, that my foot was indeed broken. I got a cast that night and was able to go home that night, I had the cast for 6 weeks and when I was able to take it off it felt amazing, and I felt free.