Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman
For over 75 years now, Batman and Superman have reigned supreme as the two most popular superheroes. Arguably, they are the two most popular superheroes of all-time. They are both characters of DC comics, and have inspired millions of children. Both of them have alter-egos, similar costumes, and a need for justice. Although Batman and Superman appear to be very similar, they are actually quite different in their origins, secret identities, and defensive capabilities.
Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, was born into a rich family in Gotham. The Wayneís lived in a large mansion away from the busy city, along with their personal butler, Alfred. Alfred cared for Bruce after Mr. and Mrs. Wayne were tragically shot and killed by an unknown assailant. Bruce witnessed the horrific incident and later on was inspired to learn to defend himself against evil. Trained by Raís Al Ghul, Bruce became an expert in martial arts and along with expert detective skills, became Gotham Cityís greatest hero, Batman.
Superman, also known as Clark Kent, was born on an alien planet of Krypton. Krypton was facing annihilation when he was sent on an escape pod to Earth. Clark landed in Smallville, Kansas where Jonathan and Martha Kent found him, and raised him as their own. The Kentís were a rather poor farming family barely scraping by to make endís meat. During Clarkís childhood they discovered that he had special abilities that no one else could fathom. Clark slowly learned how to use these powers and eventually became inspired to use them under the persona of Superman.
Bruce Wayne became a millionaire philanthropist, a Gotham socialite, and assumed ownership of Wayne Enterprises in his adult years. Bruce was a recluse and displayed a very dark and brooding personality. He would spend long periods of time to himself in the mansion and did not have very many friends. As owner of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce donated large sums of money to charity, started a facility to help orphaned children, and funded Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. Wayne Enterprises, primarily a military defense contracting company, housed several different corporations in all sectors of the economy in Gotham City and around the world. Bruce enjoyed a promiscuous love-life with several love interests at different times. Eventually, Bruce settled down with one of his former adversaries, Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman.
While Bruce was a dark and reclusive type, Clark Kent was a very positive person who was always quick to help others and never seemed to get angry or upset. Clark lived in an apartment in midtown Metropolis. Although Clark had super human abilities, he chose to live a middle-class lifestyle and was able to maintain secrecy through modesty. Clark worked a day job as a reporter for The Daily Planet, the largest publication company in Metropolis. Over the years, Clark eventually fell in love with Lois Lane, a fellow reporter at The Daily Planet.
The greatest difference between Batman and Superman is their means in defending justice. Batman does not possess any special superhuman powers at all. Batman uses gadgets and technology to restore balance to Gotham. One of the most notorious items in Batmanís arsenal is the Batmobile. A fast car with the strength of a tank able to perform several things such as: transforming into a motorcycle; launching an arsenal of weapons; and able to drive on its own to Batmanís location. Along with the Batmobile, Batman owns a plane, boat, and other vehicles. Batman uses several tools located in a utility belt including: Batarangs Ė projectiles similar to Chinese stars, shaped as bats; a grappling gun; smoke bombs; lock picks; a portable underwater rebreather, and many others.
Unlike Batman, Superman is able to use alien powers to defend the people of Metropolis. Superman is able to fly, leap tall buildings, deflect bullets, use incredible strength, has x-ray vision, shoot lasers out of his eyes, and many more incredible abilities. Superman first started discovering his abilities as a child, and had to learn how to control them so that he would not be discovered by others to be special. Possessing these abilities, Superman does not require any special vehicles or equipment in order to perform.
Both of them have secret headquarters in order to protect their