Would you be able to admit and give up things have been so bad in your life
and overcome a horrible past? Few people are brave and enough to accept
their mistakes and change. The story of Charlie Wales, the main character
of the short story Babylon Revisited written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald,
show us an example of how a person can change a kind of life that leads to
self-destruction into a life of responsibility and love. Charlie Wales
underwent a painful process till he discovered alcoholism was the worst
choice he had ever made.

Firstly, he had a lot of money and parties´ abuse. So he drank a lot of
alcohol and he always had new parties and these things had a high level
cost. Another thing that he always did was to spend a lot of money in
unnecessary things. And as a common rich people did he was travel a lot,
mostly for Europe many expensive travels in his past with his wife. He
enjoyed the life. So, he spent a lot of money in things that maybe could be
happy in this moment. He wasted all his money.

Then the stock exchange`s crash. And this was a very hard hit in his life,
during this time. Due to this strong stock exchange collapse his finances
bank also broken. And this get worsted all the things, and all his
projects. All his shares fell down leaving him in ruins.

Charlie started to drink more and more. And this became in an abuse of this
substance. So much so lose his wife, Helen. After that he finished in a
sanitary as a consequence of his addiction to alcohol. All these losses
would be trigger by Charlie's addiction to alcohol.

Finally, Charlie was unable to keep Honoria`s custody. So she had to live
with her aunt Marion and her uncle Lincoln until he was recover to had the
guardianship of his daughter. And she was the last thing that he could
lose, he recognized all about his badly past and to begin a new life a
better life with his lovely daughter.

In the life of the main character of Babylon Revisited a lot of things as
his wasted money, the parties, travels, alcohol, and the exchange crash
made him to lose important persons, as his wife and his daughter.
Alcoholism was the worst thing that did this work, to destroy his past
life. This process to recognize that alcohol was the worst decision he had
even take was hard to Charlie.