Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay
Life Is Not Always Easy
Would you be able to admit and give up things have been so bad in your life and overcome a horrible past? Few people are brave and enough to accept their mistakes and change. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "Babylon Revisited", the author show s us an example of how a person can change a kind of life that leads to self-destruction into a life of responsibility and love. Charlie's life changed completely from past to present days .
Charlie's life g i ve s a turn from past to present after he overcomes his drinking addiction. Before that, his life is a complete mess and le ads Charlie to lo se one of the most important things in life, his family. After becoming aware of the damage drinking without limit cause s in his life, Charlie begins to strive to do things right and regain some of what he had lost , his daughter. In a way of being a better person to his little child , Charlie 's life goes better in the present days.
The main character's life starts changing when he recognizes that living disinterested, just enjoying , make him to lose good people from the past . He seem s to re alize that the success he enjoyed years before, now is the envy that brought about Marion and Lincoln's contempt prior to Helen's death . This can be seen stated in the story when Marion tells Charlie ‘ When you were throwing away money we were living along watching every ten fences .. ' or when Lincoln says him ‘While you and Helen were tearing around Europe throwing money away, we were just getting along' . Currently, he has to do a great effort to be near Marion and Lincoln. This change , to try to regain the trust and affect ion of the people from his past, makes Charlie a better person today.
Charlie used to travel a lot in the past, but this is not the same in the present because he strongly wants to take care of her daughter. After traveling, and meting people who could not add a row of figures or speak a coherent sentence, he feels that he needs to make a change. He wants someone to complete his life. Nowadays, he is fighting to take her kid home with him. Lastly, he wants to recover the lost ti me and work to be a renewed man .
In a person's life, his history and past actions can have a si gnificant impact on his present. In the story "Babylon R evisited", the main character is trying to redeem himself as a good father and a good citizen. He has many regrets of his past actions and behaviour. One of these changes has to do with his drinking addiction, other with the loss of good people from his past, and finally the fact of travelling a lot. His efforts to change those things, make Charlie a better person.
Yanina Perez Aparici