Assignment Title: Management Practice - Part 01

Submission To: Ms Faiza Siddiqui

Submission Date: 1 3 th October,2017

Submitted By:
Muhammad Usama : 02-235172-005

Department: Computer Science, BUKC

Class of: BS(IT): 1 st Semester

Course: Principle of Management

Course Code: MGT 110

Q1: What issues might Deutsche Telekom face in recruiting female university graduates ?
ANS: The major issues Deutsche Telekom facing in recruiting female university graduates is that like compromising skilled male graduates and attracting female talent. Different companies around the world prefer men over women for good performance. These circumstances exist despite efforts and campaigns to improve equality in the workplace.
Q2: How could it address those issues ?
ANS: Deutsche Telekom overcome this issue by doubling the number of women who are managers within 5 years. They have also planned to increase the number of women in senior and middle management to 30% percent.
Q3: What issues might it face in introducing changes in work-family programs, and how could it address those issues ?
ANS: Introducing changes in work-family programs causes additional costs for added benefits. The company's goal is at least 30% percent in executive development programs and by women other steps taken by the company revolve around the world family issues.
Q4: What do you think of Obermann's statement that having a greater number of women at the top will enable the company to operate better ?
ANS: The Company's policy for operating better under the leadership of women will enable courage in them by giving executive seats in organization. Having great number of women at the top will improve their quality and the organization goal will be accomplish.
Q5: What could other organizations around the globe learn from the Deutsche Telekom ?
ANS: Different organizations around the world can learn from Deutsche Telekom that they shouldn't believe in gender inequality .Women are more devotee in their work. They should be given proper chance to prove themselves and their confidence should be raised by giving them the seats of manager.

Q1: What management skills do you think would be most important for Howard Schulz to have ? why ? what skills do you think would be most important for starbucks store manager to have ? why ?
ANS: Howard Schultz needs to have strong skills in each areas identified by Robert L Katz: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. Conceptual skills are especially important for Schultz to effectively lead his company , these skills enable him to make strategic plans that guide the global growth of Starbucks, predict future product trends, and take advantage of opportunities in the external environment.
Starbucks store manager needs to have skills identified by Katz in order to manage an individual Starbucks location successfully. The most important skills needed in this level of management would likely be related to human skills. This human skill make a store manager to effectively utilize his/her most valuable resources to achieve the goals and objectives of the individual store as well as the corporation as a whole.