Almost High : My Experience At The Homecoming Dance

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Almost High : My Experience at the Homecoming Dance


It's Saturday night and I'm in my snug but not skin tight blue spaghetti strap floor length dark royal blue dress, all ready to go out to a very fancy restuarant. Old Country Buffet. As my friend and I climb out of my car in a classy like fashion, we realize that the line to Old COuntry Buffet is at least 50 meters long. "Oh My God." I say as my lipstick chalked lips fall to the floor. Glancing over at a fast-food pizza restaurant, my friend and I look at each other. "Uh huh." We both say. Pizza is better than some buffet anyway, I thought. About five minutes later, some friends of hours emerge from the middle of the centidpede like line and come up to us. I almost jumped in hyperness. "WHazzzzzzup?" I say in such a polite way, sticing my tougue out in my dress.

My friends and I eat at the small cafe-like tables provided in the indoor mall, trying not to smear pizza all over our faces before we got to the dance.

Walking across the street to the school, the caffeine from the large Coke was already racing through my blood stream. Hyper as anything and almost jumping my friends began to think I got high before the dance, like most everyone else.

By the time we got to the dance in the cafeteria, the music was pumping, people dancing their butts off, and me, hyper as anything. I was anything but bored. Ready to start jumping as soon as I got there, I raced into the cafeteria and brought my friend , Jimmy , with me. I had never felt so energized at a social event. I felt as if the music was literally flowing through my veins, pulsing with every move, and I was...high. But I wasn't. I was normal but I felt like I was high. Did being high feel like this? Had I had too much caffeine? Damn! I have to suck some helium out of those floating balloons! THe thoughs would not stop racing. Although I had never been to a rave, I thought that this dance felt like one. Euphoric, and as energized as a duracell battery after about 24 hours of charging, I hadn't checked my watch for at least two hours.

About an hour later, I took a break to get some soda and some fresh , dry air. Coke was the drink of choice and the courtyard was the ideal place to go. Cooling off and talking to a few friends who had not gone with me, a couple people asked if I had gotten wasted or high like some of their friends had, but I replied no. It was at that time that a kid I knew in my grade walked out into the courtyard , completely wasted and smoking a cigarette as if it were a joint. He was the most pathetic thing I had seen since the day before...which was the same guy. Anyway, he came up to me and said "I'm drunk." As it turned out, he had gone to the bathroom and drank a 40 oz. In the bathroom for God's sake!

A few minutes later, I resumed dancing in the cafeteria. Walking up to ompletely random people, some I knew, some I didn't, I just danced. The majority of guys said they didn't know how to dance. That is such a lame excuse. Maybe they don't but they could at least try! I finally found someone I had been longing to dance with for some time ; he was someone I had somewhat liked but now, now that longing was intensified by a thousand times. I had to dance with him. Grabbing him by the arm (he was drinking a soda in the other cafeteria ; the one with refreshments) I asked him to dance with me. He replied that he was tired but I insisted anyway. He finally gave it. We went into the other cafeteria to dance. A couple seconds later, he got behind me and at first I didn't know what he was doing, but then I realized we were going to dance

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