Alana Tennison Professor Brown EH-101 September 25, 2017 Trump's Tweets Twitter is used by the world for a variety of things. Some people use it for communication with their friends, some use it for keeping up with the news, and some use it to express their feelings. Our president, Donald Trump, seems to use it for all of the above. Recently, Trump retweeted a photo- which could also be considered as a "meme"- of a map of the United States which was all colored in red, insinuating that every state voted Republican for the election. The text on the photo read "Keep it up Libs. This will be 2020." This is already very controversial because "lib" is a term that is used mainly by conservatives that do not like liberals. This is a bad way to get the point across to some, but to others it seems to have worked better. Ethos is an appeal to credibility, and in this case I view Trump as a man trying to convince not the credibility of just himself, but the whole Republican party. The photo had lots of replies with arguments between liberals and conservatives about why each party was in the right, or better than the other.