From Rushing falls and the fragrant wildflowers to major historical sites Alabama has more than enough to offer it's visitors. If you're looking for history then you have come to the right place. Many historical events have happened here. Alabama also offers lots of entertainment for visitors of all ages.
Alabama is most known for its historical sites. Fort Gaines is was a renaissance style Fort Established in 1821. This fort was an important site during the civil war, and provides coastal defense against foreign aggressions (Schubach, Erik). The Rosa Parks library and museum is a must see on you're visit. Located in the Capital City of Montgomery Alabama many historical events have happened here. These historical sites are what draws most of the visitors to this beautiful state. You can also visit the Dexter Parsonage museum. This was Martin Luther King Jr's residence from 1954 to 1960. You can go to the Civil Rights Memorial and center as well. This is part museum and part monument (Montgomery, Alabama).
Don't pass up the chance to stop by the first white house of the confederacy where Jefferson Davis and his family once resided (Montgomery, Alabama). Or maybe Alabama old town is for you. Located six blocks in downtown Montgomery is has authentically restored structures from the early twentieth century it is a wonderful and interesting place to visit. Still want more visit the gracious Antebellum Mansions. These former city mansions and plantation homes remain a popular destination for tourists. While some of these homes remain the same, Some have been transformed into luxury hotels and bed and breakfast inns. With all of this history Alabama will be a fun and educational vacation (Alabama).
If you like country music you should visit the Hank Williams Museum. He is widely regarded by many as one of the best singers of all time. If your favorite activity is shopping you should visit the Old Cloverdale Boutique Shops just south of down town. Montgomery hotels are not expensive so it shouldn't hurt the wallet that bad (Montgomery, Alabama).
Looking for a little outdoor fun Alabama has more then enough in the way of State parks. Ranging over 5,067 Acres along little river is DeSoto State Park. Located only thirty-six miles from Birmingham DeSoto State park has a lot to offer. From hiking along the beautiful trails to playing tennis on the tennis court DeSoto state park offers year-around fun for all ages. You can tour the big caves. You can also navigate threw the giant trails or even go panning for gemstones (Schubach, Erik). DeSoto caverns park has over twenty attractions. Each activity is one you're not soon to forget! You can roll around in a hamster wheel called Rock-In-Roll. Working with three other people you have to rock you're bodies back and forth flipping the wheel over and over. Another amazing activity is the Happy Hoops. If you like basketball you will love this. It is a ten hoop course where you have to bounce the ball off targets to get them into a basket. As you go along each hoop presents different and more challenging obstacles (Childersburg, Alabama).
Sitting at 2,407 feet above sea level Cheaha State Park is the highest point in the state of Alabama. This park offers Year-Around breathtaking Scenery. Enjoy A spectacular sunset from you're dining table at their restaurant. There is also Birmingham zoo. One-hundred acres of wooded parkland. This zoo is home to over 800 rare, exotic, and endangered animals. Featured in this zoo are animals such as Cheetahs, Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Cobras, Rhinos, Wart Hogs, and many more animals (Schubach, Erik).
Overlooking the Alabama River The Riverfront theater is and outdoor theater. It is excellent for catching activities such as Concerts, plays, movies, or even enjoying a picnic. You can even catch a minor league baseball game once in awhile. You can also go to the historic Rickwood Fields. This is the oldest American Baseball park. This park was built in 1910. If you're looking to play a sport rather than watch it you may want to head down to one of the area golf courses on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trails. In addition to golfing you can also enjoy many other outdoor activities. You can go deep sea, and River fishing. There are also excellent camping and hiking attractions (Alabama).
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