To: University Wisconsin Whitewater admissions
My name is Joshua Goff; I am 20 years old and a transfer student from Rock Valley College. Opportunity in the dictionary is defined as ?a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal?. Opportunity is not something I have had much luck with in my life, and an opportunity is what I am hoping to finally achieve.
Through my life I have endured many obstacles that have had to be faced limiting my potential to succeed. I was born and raised in a low income family which from the beginning has put limitations on my goals and future. Several years ago my father became disabled while working and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. These severe conditions have caused my parents to not be able to work or the ability to provide anything more than essentials for my family. Many people going through high school spend their time playing sports, hanging out with friends, and doing normal things you would expect from a high school student. My high school career was spent being more of an adult than a child. Since my parents disabilities limit them most of my time was spent helping them, and helping my family survive. I had to start working at a young age doing side jobs to help make ends meet for my parents. Along with working, a lot of my time was spent helping care for my parents and my grandparents who also have lived with us my entire life. One of the great things that I found in high school was the wrestling team. I wrestled for Hononegah high school for 3 out of four years, and I learned hard work and discipline, which has helped shape and mold the person I have become today. My high school career was full of mistakes and slacking because I couldn?t really focus on my personal needs and goals which greatly impacted my grades. Now I am ready to prove to everyone that I have the ability to scucceed.
One of the greatest achievements that I am proud of is my volunteer ship. The past eight summers or so I have spent every weekend helping run and operate a local junior tackle football leagues concession stand. Volunteering there has taught me many different aspects of the business field such as management, finance, and customer service. My goal is to in the future to have a bachelor?s degree in business, and I have slowly been working my way through Rock Valley College to obtain general education credits, but having to care for my parents and help support our family has greatly impacted my success. My parents have now made the decision to uproot and move to Indianapolis to be with other family members who can be there to help and care for them. This has finally given me an opportunity to move on and start taking care of my personal goals I have set for myself.
I realized a few years ago that UWW was the perfect school for me; I have visited the university multiple times and have come to love the campus. The last obstacle in my way is the requirements for transfer, as of right now my GPA is not at the required level but after I pass the classes I am enrolled in this fall semester I shall be at the 2.0 minimum. I am asking that whoever reads this please take into consideration that I am a hardworking and dedicated individual, and am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful if accepted to UWW. This is my chance to finally have an opportunity to better my life and achieve goals I never thought would be possible. I have everything lined up that is necessary to attend the university including financial aid and loans; all I need now is the acceptance. If the admissions board grants me this opportunity I will do whatever is in my power to prove everyone that they had made the right decision in accepting me to your college. Thank you for your consideration and even allowing me the chance to convince you I am right for UWW in this essay.
Thanks you, Joshua Goff