A Holiday For Murder


Part 1, Chapter 1.

- A man called Stephen gets off a train and he is set on doing something that he has planned to do for a long time.
- The man is from Africa because he said that he felt homesick.
- Was three days before Christmas.
- Uses words like Drab
- Saw a beautiful girl sitting on the train. She looked out of place.

Part 1, Chapter 2.

- Pilar, the girl narrates.
- She was also set to do something.
- She saw a good looking man in the corridor. He walked in to talk to her.
- Gave what both people are thinking while they are talking to one another.
- They talked about how much they hated England.
- Pilar came from Spain.
- A war was on at the time.
- She told a story of when her driver was killed by a bomb: she did not seem to care! (P5)
- He told her about Africa and a story of when he was a kid.

Part 1, Chapter 3.

- A bunch of people talking about their father. They talk of how much they hate him, and how they want to break their chains.
- Lydia had a garden with a number of scenes that she had made the garden to look like.
- One of the scenes was the Dead Sea.
- Butler had been at the house for forty years.

Part 1, Chapter 4.

- Two, David and Hilda, talking about the man's mother and how she was humiliated by his father with his affairs that he boasted about.
- The mother was not able to devorce because of the times.
- Blames his father for his mothers' death.
- He had not seen his father since he started college because of a dispute between what he wanted to do and what his father wanted him to do.

Part 1, Chapter 5.

- George Lee and his wife are talking about his father's great wealth. "A millionaire twice over, I believe." (George:P17)
- Made his money from mining South African Diamonds.
- Georges' sister died a year before the time of the book.
- Harry is the brother who went travelling the world, and often sent messages to wire him money. He usually got money from his father even though he had a huge fight with his father before he left because his father wanted him to do something with his life.

Part 1, Chapter 6.

- The old man and Lydia talking about the two mysterious people that were supposed to show up the next day.
- The person was Pilar, who is his grandaughter.
- Harry was the other person who was supposed to arrive the next day.

Part 2, Chapter 1.

- Everyone surprised to see Harry Lee
- Throughoutt Book - Reference to fathers appairs with other women.
- Harry surprised to find all family there
- George was a member of Parliament
- When Alfred walked in they stared at each other.

Part 2, Chapter 2.

- Simeon talking of his regrets of cheating on his wife.
- Pilar believes strongly in God and praying.
- Talks about men being more powerful than men Pilar: "If I were a man i would be like that, too." (P31).
- Impressed his Granddaughter with uncut diamonds just to prove to her that he is rich.

Part 2, Chapter 3.

- David and Hilda in a sitting room.
- David talking about a memory of his mother reading books to him in that room when he was a child.

Part 2, Chapter 4.

- A man that the Doorman had met a long time ago came to the door and gave him a letter for Simeon.
- The doorman could not remember who the man was.

Part 2, Chapter 5.

- The man turned out to be the son of an old partner of Simeons
- The man came from South Africa.

Part 3, Chapter 1.

- Harry and Simeon talking about the problem of Harrys' presence there.
- The main problem was Alfred's. His brother.
- The old man has a surprise for the rest of the family before lunch.

Part 3, Chapter 2.

- The family walks into the room and the old man is talking on the telephone to a lawyer. He is talking about making up a new will after Christmas.
- The old man talks about lowering the allowance of George in order to pay for the rising costs of maintaining the house.
- The old man called his dead wife a louse and then said that she transmitted it