A Dictionary of Modern Revolution: How Che Guevara Has Affected My Life

King Kut

The book A Dictionary of Modern Revolution written by Edward Hyams is a book that has changed my entire view on society, life, greed, and morales.

This book tells the entire life of a famous revolutionary named Ernesto Guevara. Ernesto Guevara is widely known throughout the world as Che Guevara or simply Che. The interesting twist that makes Che so interesting is that he was a high class Cuban . He was set out to be a well paid doctor and was studying Freud. One day his life was about to change. He and his best friend at the time drove through some of the poorest regions of Cuba. It was clear to him that he had to make a change.

He went to Mexico City in September 1954 where he worked in a General Hospital this is also where he met Fidel Castro and realized that Fidel had been the leader he was seeking. He then joined Castro's followers where they trained in guerilla warfare techniques . Che became a expert in these tactics. All members were arrested for practicing these techniques but released within a months time.

The revolutionary army over threw the president Batitsa and began their dream of totally egality through Communism. Che was named second in command and sat along side with Fidel who became his closet advisor and friend.

Che was dropped from the Communist establishment in 1965 by Castro but nor officially. Che's whereabouts were not known for many months. In truth Che had been planning what would be his last revolutionary strike. This strike to be held in Bolivia to stop the suffering and dictatorship. Che was not used to having inferior army tactics that the Bolivian rebels used. This led to his unit being caught and imprisoned. Che was shot the next day after his capture.

Che is still widely known for his wild and dashing style and especially his refusal to live the norm of society and standing up against the greed and deceit of every day society and establishments.