7239001905000 What is work force diversity, and what implications does it have for managers?
Work force Diversity means choosing employees for a company on the basis of their talent without considering the age, sex, religion, race, cultural background and physical abilities.it has a vast effect on company as it creates an environment in which employees can work easily and efficiently.
It helps manager to deal easily with employees to get maximum output from the employees because all the employees in the company are on the base of their talent. So there is less need of negotiation and strickness.
How is globalization affecting the way managers do their jobs?
Globalization means opening a company or organization on international level. Nowadays globalization has a great effect on the jobs of managers. As it provides managers and opportunity to show their skills on international level and get recognition internationally. Some managers have skills and talent are still unemployed or working at low levels, globalization gives them an opportunity to show their skills and shine internationally and get appreciated by the whole world.
right1206500 Discuss the three important themes in the definition of entrepreneurship ?
Instead of working for someone or a company, doing your own small or big business is called entrepreneurship. The three important themes of entrepreneurship are as follows.
creating customer
building and designing product
74295033909000 Scaling business
How is e-commerce different from e-business, and what are the main forms of e-commerce transactions ?
E-commerce is a branch of e-business.
e-commerce needs just a website while as e-business involves CRM and ERP that connects different businesses
E-commerce includes only buying and selling on the internet while e-business includes many more other things.
There are 6 main forms of e-commerce transection
1. Business - business
2. business -consumer
3. consumer -business
4. consumer - consumer
5. business -administration
6. consumer -administration
right18986500 What is TQM, and how is it affecting managers' jobs?
Total Quali ty Management (TQM) is a manage ment whose aim is to lead a company towards success and secure the success of a company on long terms by motivating, rewarding and looking after the needs and problems of all the employees and low and middle level managers in order to get quality work and loyalty from its workers.
It helps manager in great a way as it keeps employees bounded to a company or an organization so manger can get maximum work efficiently from employees without being afraid of losing them. Another advantage of TQM is that it keeps employees happy so employees co- operate with manager on his decisions.
right18034000 What is workplace spirituality and how is it an issue that managers must deal with?
Workplace spirituality means the cultural, caste, race, color and religious spirits of employees in a company or organization. Many issue arose because of workplace spirituality which managers have to deal.
racism is most common word we hear nowadays .when peoples of different culture, caste ,religion and race are under the same hood then there is most probably a chance of racism which hurts the spirits or feelings of other employees which causes employees to offend some times
When the two person with two different areas meet and their forefathers have some bad history between them they can't work or co-operate together the way they should be.
If employees feels that their spiritual activities insulted they feel upset which leads to an environment in which no employee can work properly
right18097500 Explain how the quantitative approach evolved and how it has contributed to the field of management?
The quantitive approach is the use to technique to make better decision for a company.it evolved by using mathematics and statistics with the military techniques during world war II. After the world war these techniques was applied on the field of business which was a huge success and as it resulted in the increase of business.
It contributed man agement as it provides better techniques of planning, budgeting, controlling and good decision making. Which took the field of management to a whole different level.

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